File specific macros. More...


 The maximum length of a filename (including null-terminating character)
 The size in bytes of a file sector.
 Null file handle.
#define GOS_FILE_VERSION_MAKE(major, minor, patch)
 Helper macro to create file version integer. More...
#define GOS_FILE_VERSION_FMT   "%u.%u.%u"
 Format string for file version to use in a printf-like function.
#define GOS_FILE_VERSION_ARGS(version)
 Helper macro to convert an integer version to arguments for a printf-like function.
#define GOS_FILE_HANDLE_MAKE(location, sector_number)   gos_file_make_handle(location, sector_number)
 Create a file handle. More...
#define GOS_FILE_HANDLE_LOCATION(handle)   (((uint32_t)(handle)) >> 24)
 Get the location part of a file handle, see gos_file_location_t.
#define GOS_FILE_HANDLE_SECTOR(handle)   (((uint32_t)(handle)) & 0x00FFFFFF)
 Get the sector number part of a file handle.
#define GOS_FILE_NO_LIMIT   0
 No limit number number of files to return when listing.
 Default value for gos_file_t.
 Default value for gos_file_list_parameters_t.

Detailed Description

File specific macros.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define GOS_FILE_HANDLE_MAKE (   location,
)    gos_file_make_handle(location, sector_number)

Create a file handle.

locationMemory location, see gos_file_location_t
sector_numberSector number of the handle


#define GOS_FILE_VERSION_MAKE (   major,
((((uint32_t)(major)) << GOS_FILE_VERSION_MAJOR_SHIFT) | \
(((uint32_t)(minor)) << GOS_FILE_VERSION_MINOR_SHIFT) | \
(((uint32_t)(patch)) << GOS_FILE_VERSION_PATCH_SHIFT))

Helper macro to create file version integer.

majorMajor version number
minorMinor version number
patchPatch version number