gos_file_list_parameters_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

gos_file_location_mask_t location_mask
 Bitmask of location to search, see gos_file_location_mask_t.
gos_file_list_callback_t callback
 Callback to be called for each found file, see gos_file_list_callback_t leave NULL if unused.
uint32_t offset
 The start sector to beginning searching for files (leave 0 if unused)
uint32_t limit
 The maximum number of files to return (leave 0 if unused)
const char * name
uint32_t min_version
 Minimum file version, set as 0 if unused.
uint32_t max_version
 Maximum file version, set as 0 if unused.
gos_file_flag_t flags
 Match by file flags (all specified flags must be in file's flags), gos_file_flag_t set as 0 if unused.
gos_file_type_t type
 File type, gos_file_type_t, set as 0 if unused.

Detailed Description

File listing parameters

This is used to provided filtering and paging when listing files on the file system.

See GOS_FILE_LIST_DEFAULT_PARAMS for populating default values.

file/file_list/main.c, and utility/json_parser/parse_all_examples.c.

Field Documentation

◆ name

const char* gos_file_list_parameters_t::name

Match by filename, use the * character at the end as a wildcard (i.e. match on all chars before * character) Leave NULL if unused

file/file_list/main.c, and utility/json_parser/parse_all_examples.c.