gos_http_request_t Struct Reference

HTTP request context. More...

Data Fields

const char * url
 The HTTP request URL, if no schema is included http:// is used.
gos_tls_certificates_t certs
 For HTTPS (secure) request, the TLS cert filenames, gos_tls_certificates_t.
const char * content_type
int32_t content_length
gos_interface_t interface
 Network interface, gos_interface_t.
gos_http_method_t method
bool use_secure_element
 If true, the secure element will be used for all registered TLS operations.

Detailed Description

Field Documentation

◆ content_length

int32_t gos_http_request_t::content_length

Specifies the content length that will be sent. If greater/equal to zero then specifies the 'content-length' header If equal -1, then specifies 'transfer-encoding: chunked' and writes are chunked encoded

this only used for a POST request.

◆ content_type

const char* gos_http_request_t::content_type

The 'content-type' header

this only used for a POST request.

◆ method

gos_http_method_t gos_http_request_t::method

HTTP request method, gos_http_method_t

This is only used for gos_http_open_request()