gos_safe_slinked_list_entry_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct gos_safe_slinked_list_entry * next
Used by library to link list entries. MUST be FIRST field in entry struct.

Detailed Description

Generic singly-linked list entry struct

This defines a generic list entry. An actual implementation may define the entry struct as required by the application. The only requirement by this library is that the next field MUST be the FIRST member in the entry struct.

i.e. An application can define the 'entry' struct however it needs, but the first member of the struct must be a pointer that is used by this library to create the linked list.

For example: An application's 'entry' struct could look like:

typedef struct my_list_entry
struct my_list_entry * next ;
uint32_t my_timestamp;
char some_buffer[8];
bool some_flag;
} my_list_entry_t;

The next field is required to be the first member in struct. However, anything may come after next .