gos_smtp_config_t Struct Reference

Configuration for sending SMTP message. More...

Data Fields

const char * to_address
Email address to send message.
const char * subject
The subject of the email.
uint32_t content_length
const uint8_t * content
gos_smtp_content_reader_t content_reader
Message content read callback, gos_smtp_content_reader_t .
void * user
User specified argument to pass to gos_smtp_content_reader_t .

Detailed Description

Configuration for sending SMTP message.

Field Documentation


const uint8_t* gos_smtp_config_t::content

Buffer containing message content

Set this to NULL to used the content_reader callback


uint32_t gos_smtp_config_t::content_length

The length of the email message

To send arbitrary length, set this to 0, content to NULL and specify the content_reader