em_core.c File Reference

Core interrupt handling API.



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Definition in file em_core.c.

#include "em_core.h"
#include "em_assert.h"




void CORE_AtomicDisableIrq (void)
 Disable interrupts.
void CORE_AtomicEnableIrq (void)
 Enable interrupts.
void CORE_CriticalDisableIrq (void)
 Disable interrupts.
void CORE_CriticalEnableIrq (void)
 Enable interrupts.
CORE_irqState_t CORE_EnterAtomic (void)
 Enter an ATOMIC section.
CORE_irqState_t CORE_EnterCritical (void)
 Enter a CRITICAL section.
void CORE_EnterNvicMask (CORE_nvicMask_t *nvicState, const CORE_nvicMask_t *disable)
 Enter a NVIC mask section.
void CORE_ExitAtomic (CORE_irqState_t irqState)
 Exit an ATOMIC section.
void CORE_ExitCritical (CORE_irqState_t irqState)
 Exit a CRITICAL section.
void CORE_GetNvicEnabledMask (CORE_nvicMask_t *mask)
 Get the current NVIC enable mask state.
bool CORE_GetNvicMaskDisableState (const CORE_nvicMask_t *mask)
 Get NVIC disable state for a given mask.
void * CORE_GetNvicRamTableHandler (IRQn_Type irqN)
 Utility function to get the handler for a specific interrupt.
bool CORE_InIrqContext (void)
 Check whether the current CPU operation mode is handler mode.
void CORE_InitNvicVectorTable (uint32_t *sourceTable, uint32_t sourceSize, uint32_t *targetTable, uint32_t targetSize, void *defaultHandler, bool overwriteActive)
 Initialize an interrupt vector table by copying table entries from a source to a target table.
bool CORE_IrqIsBlocked (IRQn_Type irqN)
 Check if a specific interrupt is disabled or blocked.
bool CORE_IrqIsDisabled (void)
 Check if interrupts are disabled.
void CORE_NvicDisableMask (const CORE_nvicMask_t *disable)
 Disable NVIC interrupts.
void CORE_NvicEnableMask (const CORE_nvicMask_t *enable)
 Set current NVIC interrupt enable mask.
bool CORE_NvicIRQDisabled (IRQn_Type irqN)
 Check if an NVIC interrupt is disabled.
void CORE_NvicMaskClearIRQ (IRQn_Type irqN, CORE_nvicMask_t *mask)
 Utility function to clear an IRQn bit in a NVIC enable/disable mask.
void CORE_NvicMaskSetIRQ (IRQn_Type irqN, CORE_nvicMask_t *mask)
 Utility function to set an IRQn bit in a NVIC enable/disable mask.
void CORE_SetNvicRamTableHandler (IRQn_Type irqN, void *handler)
 Utility function to set the handler for a specific interrupt.
void CORE_YieldAtomic (void)
 Brief interrupt enable/disable sequence to allow handling of pending interrupts.
void CORE_YieldCritical (void)
 Brief interrupt enable/disable sequence to allow handling of pending interrupts.
void CORE_YieldNvicMask (const CORE_nvicMask_t *enable)
 Brief NVIC interrupt enable/disable sequence to allow handling of pending interrupts.