ezradio_hal.c File Reference

This file contains EZRadio HAL.


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Definition in file ezradio_hal.c.

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "em_gpio.h"
#include "em_prs.h"
#include "spidrv.h"
#include "gpiointerrupt.h"
#include "ezradiodrv_config.h"
#include "ezradio_hal.h"


void ezradio_hal_AssertShutdown (void)
void ezradio_hal_ClearNsel (void)
void ezradio_hal_DeassertShutdown (void)
void ezradio_hal_GpioInit (GPIOINT_IrqCallbackPtr_t ezradioIrqCallback, bool enablePTI)
uint8_t ezradio_hal_NirqLevel (void)
void ezradio_hal_SetNsel (void)
void ezradio_hal_SpiInit (void)
void ezradio_hal_SpiReadByte (uint8_t *readByte)
void ezradio_hal_SpiReadData (uint8_t byteCount, uint8_t *pData)
void ezradio_hal_SpiWriteByte (uint8_t byteToWrite)
void ezradio_hal_SpiWriteData (uint8_t byteCount, uint8_t *pData)
void ezradio_hal_SpiWriteReadData (uint8_t byteCount, uint8_t *txData, uint8_t *rxData)