ezradio_api_lib_add.c File Reference

This file contains the additional API library for the listed members of.


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Definition in file ezradio_api_lib_add.c .

#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include " em_gpio.h "
#include " gpiointerrupt.h "
#include "ezradio_cmd.h"
#include "ezradio_prop.h"
#include " ezradio_hal.h "
#include " ezradio_comm.h "
#include " ezradio_api_lib.h "
#include "ezradio_api_lib_add.h"


EZRADIO_ConfigRet_t ezradio_configuration_init (const uint8_t *pSetPropCmd)
void ezradio_ezconfig_check (uint16_t checksum, ezradio_cmd_reply_t *ezradioReply)
void ezradio_get_adc_reading (uint8_t adc_en, uint8_t adc_cfg, ezradio_cmd_reply_t *ezradioReply)
void ezradio_write_ezconfig_array (uint8_t numBytes, uint8_t *pEzConfigArray)