sleep.c File Reference

Energy Modes management driver.


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Definition in file sleep.c.

#include "em_device.h"
#include "em_assert.h"
#include "em_core.h"
#include "em_rmu.h"
#include "em_emu.h"
#include "sleep.h"
#include <stdlib.h>


void SLEEP_ForceSleepInEM4 (void)
 Force the device to go to EM4 without doing any checks.
void SLEEP_Init (SLEEP_CbFuncPtr_t pSleepCb, SLEEP_CbFuncPtr_t pWakeUpCb)
 Initialize the Sleep module.
void SLEEP_InitEx (const SLEEP_Init_t *init)
 Initialize the Sleep module.
SLEEP_EnergyMode_t SLEEP_LowestEnergyModeGet (void)
 Gets the lowest energy mode that the system is allowed to be set to.
SLEEP_EnergyMode_t SLEEP_Sleep (void)
 Sets the system to sleep into the lowest possible energy mode.
void SLEEP_SleepBlockBegin (SLEEP_EnergyMode_t eMode)
 Begin sleep block in the requested energy mode.
void SLEEP_SleepBlockEnd (SLEEP_EnergyMode_t eMode)
 End sleep block in the requested energy mode.