otMleCounters Struct Reference

This structure represents the Thread MLE counters.

#include <include/openthread/thread.h>

Public Attributes

uint16_t mDisabledRole
 Number of times device entered OT_DEVICE_ROLE_DISABLED role.
uint16_t mDetachedRole
 Number of times device entered OT_DEVICE_ROLE_DETACHED role.
uint16_t mChildRole
 Number of times device entered OT_DEVICE_ROLE_CHILD role.
uint16_t mRouterRole
 Number of times device entered OT_DEVICE_ROLE_ROUTER role.
uint16_t mLeaderRole
 Number of times device entered OT_DEVICE_ROLE_LEADER role.
uint16_t mAttachAttempts
 Number of attach attempts while device was detached.
uint16_t mPartitionIdChanges
 Number of changes to partition ID.
uint16_t mBetterPartitionAttachAttempts
 Number of attempts to attach to a better partition.
uint16_t mParentChanges
 Number of times device changed its parents.

This structure represents the Thread MLE counters.

Member Data Documentation

◆ mParentChanges

uint16_t otMleCounters::mParentChanges

Number of times device changed its parents.

Support for this counter requires the feature option OPENTHREAD_CONFIG_MLE_INFORM_PREVIOUS_PARENT_ON_REATTACH to be enabled.

A parent change can happen if device detaches from its current parent and attaches to a different one, or even while device is attached when the periodic parent search feature is enabled (please see option OPENTHREAD_CONFIG_PARENT_SEARCH_ENABLE).

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