otSecurityPolicy Struct Reference

This structure represent Security Policy.

#include <include/openthread/dataset.h>

Public Attributes

uint16_t mRotationTime
 The value for thrKeyRotation in units of hours.
bool mObtainMasterKeyEnabled: 1
 Obtaining the Master Key for out-of-band commissioning is enabled.
bool mNativeCommissioningEnabled: 1
 Native Commissioning using PSKc is allowed.
bool mRoutersEnabled: 1
 Thread 1.0/1.1.x Routers are enabled.
bool mExternalCommissioningEnabled: 1
 External Commissioner authentication is allowed.
bool mBeaconsEnabled: 1
 Thread 1.0/1.1.x Beacons are enabled.
bool mCommercialCommissioningEnabled: 1
 Commercial Commissioning is enabled.
bool mAutonomousEnrollmentEnabled: 1
 Autonomous Enrollment is enabled.
bool mMasterKeyProvisioningEnabled: 1
 Network Master-key Provisioning is enabled.
bool mTobleLinkEnabled: 1
 ToBLE link is enabled.
bool mNonCcmRoutersEnabled: 1
 Non-CCM Routers enabled.
uint8_t mVersionThresholdForRouting: 3
 Version-threshold for Routing.

This structure represent Security Policy.

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