otSrpClientService Struct Reference

This structure represents an SRP client service.

#include <include/openthread/srp_client.h>

Public Attributes

const char * mName
 The service name labels (e.g., "_chip._udp", not the full domain name).
const char * mInstanceName
 The service instance name label (not the full name).
const otDnsTxtEntrymTxtEntries
 Array of TXT entries (number of entries is given by mNumTxtEntries).
uint16_t mPort
 The service port number.
uint16_t mPriority
 The service priority.
uint16_t mWeight
 The service weight.
uint8_t mNumTxtEntries
 Number of entries in the mTxtEntries array.
otSrpClientItemState mState
uint32_t mData
 Internal data (used by OT core).
struct otSrpClientServicemNext
 Pointer to next entry in a linked-list (managed by OT core).

This structure represents an SRP client service.

The values in this structure, including the string buffers for the names and the TXT record entries, MUST persist and stay constant after an instance of this structure is passed to OpenThread from otSrpClientAddService() or otSrpClientRemoveService().

Member Data Documentation

◆ mState

otSrpClientItemState otSrpClientService::mState
The following fields are used/managed by OT core only. Their values do not matter and are ignored when an instance of otSrpClientService is passed in otSrpClientAddService() or otSrpClientRemoveService(). The user should not modify these fields.Service state (managed by OT core).

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