Release Notes

RAIL Library 2.12.0 GA

December 15, 2021

Release Highlights

  • Changed RAIL initialization to save Flash and RAM by combining the state information and sizing it appropriately for single vs multiprotocol applications. This memory is also now defined within the library by default so applications requiring more than 2 DMP protocols will need to call the new RAIL_AddStateBuffer3 or RAIL_AddStateBuffer4 APIs to allocate additional memory. See RAIL Multiprotocol for more details.
  • Updated the default PA curves for EFR32xG23 parts to be more accurate for Silicon Labs radio boards based on characterization data.
  • Added more descriptive error codes for dynamic multiprotocol errors. See RAIL_GetSchedulerStatusAlt for more information.
  • Added a new RAIL_GetTxPacketsRemaining() API to determine how many packets are remaining in a TxToTx chain.
  • Added support for the ZGM230SA27HGN, ZGM230SA27HNN, and ZGM230SB27HGN modules.
  • Bugfixes and minor improvements.

Release Details

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