Gecko OS Wi-Fi SDK User Guide

SDK Overview

The Gecko OS Software Development Kit (SDK) enables development of applications that run on Gecko OS. A Gecko OS app (ZAP) has full access to the entire Gecko OS Command API, and to a large number of additional Gecko OS features and libraries using the Native API. Since apps can leverage the rich set of features and services built into the operating system, apps can be highly efficient and small in size.

The Gecko OS SDK provides the APIs, libraries, utilities and tools needed to build your app, download it securely to your Gecko OS connectivity device, and finally to publish it on the Zentri Device Management Server (DMS) where other Gecko OS devices can download it via an OTA update.

The DMS keeps track of your Gecko OS-powered devices, and enables the SDK to securely build applications targeting your device. A DMS account is required to use the Gecko OS SDK. If you need an account, signup here.

Software Development Platforms

Currently the Gecko OS SDK is available only for the Windows platform. Support for Linux and (later) OS/X is planned.

The Gecko OS Development Environment

There are two ways to develop apps for Gecko OS - with a graphical development environment, or using a command line.

The fastest way to develop is with the Gecko OS graphical IDE which is based on Eclipse. Silicon Labs provides a convenient plugin for Eclipse which offers context sensitive menus for point and click edit, build, download, debug and release to the DMS.

Alternately, the SDK can be entirely driven from command line using make targets.

See Getting Started with the Gecko OS SDK for details of setting up the Gecko OS development environment.

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