API Documentation

List of modules
ASSERT - AssertAssert/error checking module
Atomic OperationsAtomic operations provide RAM store and read functionalities.
Bit ManipulationBitwise operations
COMMON - Common UtilitiesGeneral purpose utilities and cross-compiler support
EnumerationsEnumerations with stable binary representation
LinkerFunctions to extract locations of linker sections
Singly-Linked ListSingly-linked List module provides APIs to handle singly-linked list operations such as insert, push, pop, push back, sort and remove
Software WatchdogThe Software Watchdog can be instantiated by applications and stacks. The hardware watchdog is only fed once all instances are fed. This allows each task to have its own watchdog
Standard I/OStandard I/O allows to get and put characters on stdio stream that is the default in I/O Streams
Status Codes
StringString module provides APIs to handle string-related operations