DCDC Boost Initialization


Initialize the DC-DC Boost converter.

Configures the DC-DC Boost converter. If the DC-DC Boost converter is not to be used, the configuration option SL_DEVICE_INIT_DCDC_BOOST_ENABLE can be disabled, and the converter will be powered off.

See AN0948 Power Configurations and DC-DC for further details about DC-DC Boost converter configuration and operation.


sl_status_t sl_device_init_dcdc_boost (void)
 Initialize DCDC Boost.

Function Documentation

◆ sl_device_init_dcdc_boost()

sl_status_t sl_device_init_dcdc_boost ( void  )

Initialize DCDC Boost.

Configure and start the DCDC Boost

Status code
Return values
SL_STATUS_OKDC-DC Boost converter initialized successfully