Debug Plugin.

This plugin provides the bootloader with support for debugging functions. The plugin implements two types of debugging functionality:

  • Defining BTL_PLUGIN_DEBUG_ASSERT enables assertions on compile-time configurable parameters in the bootloader
  • Defining BTL_PLUGIN_DEBUG_PRINT enables debug prints at strategic points in the code.


#define BTL_ASSERT(exp)   ((void)(exp))
 Assertion in bootloader.
#define BTL_DEBUG_INIT()    do {} while (0)
 Initialize debug output.
#define BTL_DEBUG_PRINT(str)    do {} while (0)
 Print a string to debug out.
#define BTL_DEBUG_PRINTLN(str)    do {} while (0)
 Print a string followed by a newline to debug out.
#define BTL_DEBUG_PRINTC(chr)    do {} while (0)
 Print a character to debut out.
#define BTL_DEBUG_PRINT_CHAR_HEX(number)   do {} while (0)
 Print a single hex byte.
#define BTL_DEBUG_PRINT_SHORT_HEX(number)   do {} while (0)
 Print two hex bytes.
#define BTL_DEBUG_PRINT_WORD_HEX(number)   do {} while (0)
 Print a hex word.
#define BTL_DEBUG_PRINT_LF()    do {} while (0)
 Print a newline.