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Image parser context definition.

Definition at line 83 of file btl_ebl_parser.h.

#include <btl_ebl_parser.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t internalBuffer [64]
 Buffer contents.
uint8_t bytesInInternalBuffer
 Amount of bytes present in buffer.
uint8_t internalBufferOffset
 Current reading offset into the buffer (circular)
uint8_t flags
 Parser flags.
bool inEncryptedContainer
 Parser is currently inside an encrypted tag.
bool gotSignature
 Parser has received and verified signature.
uint8_t receivedFlags
 Parser has received bootloader upgrade tag.
EblParserState_t internalState
 State of the EBL parser state machine.
void * aesContext
 AES-CCM decryption (= AES-CTR) context.
void * shaContext
 SHA256 hashing context.
size_t lengthOfTag
 Total length of the tag currently being parsed.
size_t offsetInTag
 Current offset into tag being parsed.
size_t lengthOfEncryptedTag
 Total length of current encrypted data block.
size_t offsetInEncryptedTag
 Offset into current encrypted data block.
uint32_t programmingAddress
 Current address the image needs to be written to.
uint32_t tagAddress
 Current offset of metadata/bootloader being handled (starts at 0)
uint8_t withheldApplicationVectors [24]
 Withheld application data.
uint8_t withheldUpgradeVectors [4]
 Withheld bootloader upgrade data during app parsing.
uint8_t withheldBootloaderVectors [4]
 Withheld bootloader upgrade data during bootloader parsing.
uint32_t fileCrc
 Running CRC-32 over the incoming EBL file.
uint32_t customTagId
 Context for custom tag.

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