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Custom tag descriptor.

Definition at line 41 of file btl_gbl_custom_tags.h.

#include <btl_gbl_custom_tags.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t tagId
 GBL Tag ID of the custom tag.
int32_t(* enterTag )(ParserContext_t *ctx)
 Function to call upon entering the tag.
int32_t(* parseTag )(ParserContext_t *ctx, void *data, size_t length, const BootloaderParserCallbacks_t *callbacks)
 Function to call while parsing the tag.
int32_t(* exitTag )(ParserContext_t *ctx, const BootloaderParserCallbacks_t *callbacks)
 Function to call upon exiting the tag.
size_t(* numBytesRequired )(ParserContext_t *ctx)
 Function returning how many bytes should be collected before calling parseTag the next time.

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