Gecko Bootloader API Reference

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To use the application interface in your application, include the api/btl_interface.h header in your application, and add the following files to the build:

Bootloader Components

The bootloader itself consists of multiple parts:


The bootloader core contains the main function of both bootloader stages. It also contains functionality to write to the internal main flash, to perform a bootloader upgrade, and to reset into the application flagging applicable reset reasons. See the core documentation for more information.


Different bootloading applications require different hardware drivers for use by the other components of the bootloader. See the driver documentation for more information.


All parts of the bootloader that are either optional or swappable for different implementations are implemented as plugins. Each plugin has a generic header file, and one or more implementations. The current release contains plugins for functionality like UART and SPI communication protocols, SPI flash storage, internal flash storage, and different cryptographic operations. For more information about the different plugins, see the plugin documentation.