em_acmp.h File Reference

Analog Comparator (ACMP) peripheral API.



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Definition in file em_acmp.h.

#include "em_device.h"
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

Data Structures

struct  ACMP_CapsenseInit_TypeDef
struct  ACMP_Init_TypeDef




enum  ACMP_CapsenseResistor_TypeDef {
enum  ACMP_Channel_TypeDef {
  acmpChannel0 = _ACMP_INPUTSEL_NEGSEL_CH0,
  acmpChannel1 = _ACMP_INPUTSEL_NEGSEL_CH1,
  acmpChannel2 = _ACMP_INPUTSEL_NEGSEL_CH2,
  acmpChannel3 = _ACMP_INPUTSEL_NEGSEL_CH3,
  acmpChannel4 = _ACMP_INPUTSEL_NEGSEL_CH4,
  acmpChannel5 = _ACMP_INPUTSEL_NEGSEL_CH5,
  acmpChannel6 = _ACMP_INPUTSEL_NEGSEL_CH6,
  acmpChannel7 = _ACMP_INPUTSEL_NEGSEL_CH7,
  acmpChannel1V25 = _ACMP_INPUTSEL_NEGSEL_1V25,
  acmpChannel2V5 = _ACMP_INPUTSEL_NEGSEL_2V5,
enum  ACMP_HysteresisLevel_TypeDef {
  acmpHysteresisLevel0 = _ACMP_CTRL_HYSTSEL_HYST0,
  acmpHysteresisLevel1 = _ACMP_CTRL_HYSTSEL_HYST1,
  acmpHysteresisLevel2 = _ACMP_CTRL_HYSTSEL_HYST2,
  acmpHysteresisLevel3 = _ACMP_CTRL_HYSTSEL_HYST3,
  acmpHysteresisLevel4 = _ACMP_CTRL_HYSTSEL_HYST4,
  acmpHysteresisLevel5 = _ACMP_CTRL_HYSTSEL_HYST5,
  acmpHysteresisLevel6 = _ACMP_CTRL_HYSTSEL_HYST6,
  acmpHysteresisLevel7 = _ACMP_CTRL_HYSTSEL_HYST7
enum  ACMP_WarmTime_TypeDef {
  acmpWarmTime16 = _ACMP_CTRL_WARMTIME_16CYCLES,
  acmpWarmTime32 = _ACMP_CTRL_WARMTIME_32CYCLES,
  acmpWarmTime64 = _ACMP_CTRL_WARMTIME_64CYCLES,
  acmpWarmTime128 = _ACMP_CTRL_WARMTIME_128CYCLES,
  acmpWarmTime256 = _ACMP_CTRL_WARMTIME_256CYCLES,
  acmpWarmTime512 = _ACMP_CTRL_WARMTIME_512CYCLES


void ACMP_CapsenseChannelSet (ACMP_TypeDef *acmp, ACMP_Channel_TypeDef channel)
 Sets the ACMP channel used for capacative sensing.
void ACMP_CapsenseInit (ACMP_TypeDef *acmp, const ACMP_CapsenseInit_TypeDef *init)
 Sets up the ACMP for use in capacative sense applications.
void ACMP_ChannelSet (ACMP_TypeDef *acmp, ACMP_Channel_TypeDef negSel, ACMP_Channel_TypeDef posSel)
 Sets which channels should be used in ACMP comparisons.
void ACMP_Disable (ACMP_TypeDef *acmp)
 Disables the ACMP.
void ACMP_Enable (ACMP_TypeDef *acmp)
 Enables the ACMP.
void ACMP_GPIOSetup (ACMP_TypeDef *acmp, uint32_t location, bool enable, bool invert)
 Sets up GPIO output from the ACMP.
void ACMP_Init (ACMP_TypeDef *acmp, const ACMP_Init_TypeDef *init)
 Initialize ACMP.
__STATIC_INLINE void ACMP_IntClear (ACMP_TypeDef *acmp, uint32_t flags)
 Clear one or more pending ACMP interrupts.
__STATIC_INLINE void ACMP_IntDisable (ACMP_TypeDef *acmp, uint32_t flags)
 Disable one or more ACMP interrupts.
__STATIC_INLINE void ACMP_IntEnable (ACMP_TypeDef *acmp, uint32_t flags)
 Enable one or more ACMP interrupts.
__STATIC_INLINE uint32_t ACMP_IntGet (ACMP_TypeDef *acmp)
 Get pending ACMP interrupt flags.
__STATIC_INLINE uint32_t ACMP_IntGetEnabled (ACMP_TypeDef *acmp)
 Get enabled and pending ACMP interrupt flags. Useful for handling more interrupt sources in the same interrupt handler.
__STATIC_INLINE void ACMP_IntSet (ACMP_TypeDef *acmp, uint32_t flags)
 Set one or more pending ACMP interrupts from SW.
void ACMP_Reset (ACMP_TypeDef *acmp)
 Reset ACMP to same state as after a HW reset.