otHistoryTrackerNeighborInfo Struct Reference

This structure represents a neighbor info.

#include <include/openthread/history_tracker.h>

Public Attributes

otExtAddress mExtAddress
 Neighbor's Extended Address.
uint16_t mRloc16
 Neighbor's RLOC16.
int8_t mAverageRssi
 Average RSSI of rx frames from neighbor at the time of recording entry.
uint8_t mEvent: 2
 Indicates the event (OT_HISTORY_TRACKER_NEIGHBOR_EVENT_* enumeration).
bool mRxOnWhenIdle: 1
bool mFullThreadDevice: 1
 Full Thread Device.
bool mFullNetworkData: 1
 Full Network Data.
bool mIsChild: 1
 Indicates whether or not the neighbor is a child.

This structure represents a neighbor info.

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  • include/openthread/history_tracker.h