EmberEndpointDescription Struct Reference

Endpoint information (a ZigBee Simple Descriptor).

#include < stack-info.h >

Data Fields

uint16_t profileId
uint16_t deviceId
uint8_t deviceVersion
uint8_t inputClusterCount
uint8_t outputClusterCount

Endpoint information (a ZigBee Simple Descriptor).

This is a ZigBee Simple Descriptor and contains information about an endpoint. This information is shared with other nodes in the network by the ZDO.

Field Documentation


uint16_t EmberEndpointDescription::deviceId

The endpoint's device ID within the application profile.


uint8_t EmberEndpointDescription::deviceVersion

The endpoint's device version.


uint8_t EmberEndpointDescription::inputClusterCount

The number of input clusters.


uint8_t EmberEndpointDescription::outputClusterCount

The number of output clusters.


uint16_t EmberEndpointDescription::profileId

Identifies the endpoint's application profile.

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