EmberNeighborTableEntry Struct Reference

Defines an entry in the neighbor table.

#include < ember-types.h >

Data Fields

uint16_t shortId
uint8_t averageLqi
uint8_t inCost
uint8_t outCost
uint8_t age
EmberEUI64 longId

Defines an entry in the neighbor table.

A neighbor table entry stores information about the reliability of RF links to and from neighboring nodes.

Field Documentation


uint8_t EmberNeighborTableEntry::age

In EmberZNet Pro, the number of aging periods elapsed since a neighbor exchange message was last received from this neighbor. In stack profile 1, the number of aging periods since any packet was received. An entry with an age greater than 3 is considered stale and may be reclaimed. The aging period is 16 seconds.


uint8_t EmberNeighborTableEntry::averageLqi

An exponentially weighted moving average of the link quality values of incoming packets from this neighbor as reported by the PHY.


uint8_t EmberNeighborTableEntry::inCost

The incoming cost for this neighbor, computed from the average LQI. Values range from 1 for a good link to 7 for a bad link.


EmberEUI64 EmberNeighborTableEntry::longId

The 8 byte EUI64 of the neighbor.


uint8_t EmberNeighborTableEntry::outCost

The outgoing cost for this neighbor, obtained from the most recently received neighbor exchange message from the neighbor. A value of zero means that a neighbor exchange message from the neighbor has not been received recently enough, or that our ID was not present in the most recently received one. EmberZNet Pro only.


uint16_t EmberNeighborTableEntry::shortId

The neighbor's two-byte network ID.

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