EmberRouteTableEntry Struct Reference

Defines an entry in the route table.

#include <ember-types.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t destination
uint16_t nextHop
uint8_t status
uint8_t age
uint8_t concentratorType
uint8_t routeRecordState

Defines an entry in the route table.

A route table entry stores information about the next hop along the route to the destination.

Field Documentation

◆ age

uint8_t EmberRouteTableEntry::age

The number of seconds since this route entry was last used to send a packet.

◆ concentratorType

uint8_t EmberRouteTableEntry::concentratorType

Indicates whether this destination is a High-RAM Concentrator (2), a Low-RAM Concentrator (1), or not a concentrator (0).

◆ destination

uint16_t EmberRouteTableEntry::destination

The short ID of the destination.

◆ nextHop

uint16_t EmberRouteTableEntry::nextHop

The short ID of the next hop to this destination.

◆ routeRecordState

uint8_t EmberRouteTableEntry::routeRecordState

For a High-RAM Concentrator, indicates whether a route record is needed (2), has been sent (1), or is no long needed (0) because a source routed message from the concentrator has been received.

◆ status

uint8_t EmberRouteTableEntry::status

Indicates whether this entry is active (0), being discovered (1), or unused (3).

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