rtcdriver.c File Reference

RTCDRV timer API implementation.



(C) Copyright 2014 Silicon Labs, www.silabs.com

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Definition in file rtcdriver.c .

#include <string.h>
#include " em_device.h "
#include " em_cmu.h "
#include " em_common.h "
#include " em_core.h "
#include " em_rtc.h "
#include " rtcdriver.h "


Ecode_t RTCDRV_AllocateTimer ( RTCDRV_TimerID_t *id)
Allocate timer.
Ecode_t RTCDRV_DeInit (void)
Deinitialize RTCDRV driver.
Ecode_t RTCDRV_Delay (uint32_t ms)
Millisecond delay function.
Ecode_t RTCDRV_FreeTimer ( RTCDRV_TimerID_t id)
Free timer.
uint32_t RTCDRV_GetWallClock (void)
Get wallclock time.
uint32_t RTCDRV_GetWallClockTicks32 (void)
Get wallclock tick count as a 32bit value. At 4 ticks per millisecond, overflow occurs after approximately 12.5 days.
uint64_t RTCDRV_GetWallClockTicks64 (void)
Get wallclock tick count as a 64 bit value. This will never overflow.
Ecode_t RTCDRV_Init (void)
Initialize RTCDRV driver.
Ecode_t RTCDRV_IsRunning ( RTCDRV_TimerID_t id, bool *isRunning)
Check if a given timer is running.
uint64_t RTCDRV_MsecsToTicks (uint32_t ms)
Convert from milliseconds to RTC/RTCC ticks.
uint64_t RTCDRV_SecsToTicks (uint32_t secs)
Convert from seconds to RTC/RTCC ticks.
Ecode_t RTCDRV_SetWallClock (uint32_t secs)
Set wallclock time.
Ecode_t RTCDRV_StartTimer ( RTCDRV_TimerID_t id, RTCDRV_TimerType_t type, uint32_t timeout, RTCDRV_Callback_t callback, void *user)
Start a timer.
Ecode_t RTCDRV_StopTimer ( RTCDRV_TimerID_t id)
Stop a given timer.
uint32_t RTCDRV_TicksToMsec (uint64_t ticks)
Convert from RTC/RTCC ticks to milliseconds.
uint32_t RTCDRV_TicksToSec (uint64_t ticks)
Convert from RTC/RTCC ticks to seconds.
Ecode_t RTCDRV_TimeRemaining ( RTCDRV_TimerID_t id, uint32_t *timeRemaining)
Get time left before a given timer expires.