API Documentation

List of modules
BMP280 - Barometric Pressure SensorDriver for the Bosch Sensortec BMP280 barometric pressure sensor
CCS811 - Gas SensorDriver for the Cambridge CMOS Sensors CCS811 gas and indoor air quality sensor
CCS881 - Gas Sensor DetailsCCS881 register interface
Measure mode value definitionsMeasure mode value definitions
Register AddressesRegister definitions
EFP - Energy Friendly PMICEFP (Energy Friendly PMIC) driver
ICM20648 - Motion SensorDriver for the Invensense ICM20648 6-axis motion sensor
Register definitionsRegister definitions
IMU - Inertial Measurement UnitInertial Measurement Unit driver
Direction Cosine MatrixUnit DCM matrix related routines
IMU FusionIMU fusion driver
Vector and Matrix MathInertial measurement unit fusion driver math routines
MEMLCD - Memory LCDMemory LCD interface
MX25 SPI Flash ShutdownProvide a function to put the MX25 SPI flash into deep power down mode to reduce power consumption
MicrophoneSound level driver for PDM and I2S microphones
Si1133 - Light and UV SensorDriver for the Silicon Labs Si1133 ambient light and UV sensor
Si1133 DetailsRegister interface and implementation details
CommandsSi1133 commands
ParametersSi1133 parameters
RegistersSi1133 register definitions
ResponsesSi1133 responses
Si70xx - RHT SensorSilicon Labs Si7006/13/20/21 Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor I2C driver
Si7210 - Magnetic Hall Effect sensorDriver for the Silicon Labs Si7210 Hall effect sensor
Si7210 DetailsRegister interface and implementation details
Si72xx - Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor
VEML6035 - Ambient Light SensorDriver for the Vishay VEML6025 ambient light sensor