LFRCO Initialization


Initialize the LFRCO oscillator.

Initialize the low frequency RC oscillator. On Series 2 devices with precision mode support, the precision mode is configured in the configuration header sl_device_init_lfrco_config.h. On other devices, there is nothing to configure.


sl_status_t sl_device_init_lfrco (void)
 Initialize LFRCO.

Function Documentation

◆ sl_device_init_lfrco()

sl_status_t sl_device_init_lfrco ( void  )

Initialize LFRCO.

Initialize the low frequency RC oscillator. On devices that support high precision mode, this function configures the precision mode based on the configuration option SL_DEVICE_INIT_LFRCO_PRECISION.

Status code
Return values
SL_STATUS_OKLFRCO initialized successfully