CLI Delay.


void sl_cli_delay_command (sl_cli_command_arg_t *arguments)
 Delay the specified number of milliseconds.

Function Documentation

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void sl_cli_delay_command ( sl_cli_command_arg_t arguments)

Delay the specified number of milliseconds.

The function will block the CLI instance from executing any more commands until the specified time has elapsed. Other components will not be affected or blocked and will execute as expected during the delay.

The function has a different implementation in a bare metal vs. kernel configurations. In a bare metal configuration, the components that require execution have a tick function that must be called regularly by the application. This is typically done in a loop in the main function. To prevent the loop in main from stalling, this delay function will return before the delay has completed. Subsequent calls to the CLI-tick function will not do any further CLI processing and will return until the delay has expired. In a kernel configuration, the delay function will block until the delay has expired. Other components running in separate tasks will execute as expected. Kernel configuration has no explicit tick functions or a main loop that has to be kept alive.
[in]argumentsA pointer to the command arguments.