hidkbd.c File Reference

USB Human Interface Devices (HID) class keyboard driver.



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Definition in file hidkbd.c .

#include " em_device.h "
#include " em_common.h "
#include " em_usb.h "
#include " hidkbd.h "




void HIDKBD_Init ( HIDKBD_Init_t *init)
Initialize HID Keyboard driver.
void HIDKBD_KeyboardEvent ( HIDKBD_KeyReport_t *report)
Report a keyboard press/release event.
int HIDKBD_SetupCmd (const USB_Setup_TypeDef *setup)
Handle USB setup commands. Implements HID class specific commands. This function must be called each time the device receive a setup command.
void HIDKBD_StateChangeEvent ( USBD_State_TypeDef oldState, USBD_State_TypeDef newState)
Handle USB state change events, this function must be called each time the USB device state is changed.
const char HIDKBD_ReportDescriptor[69] SL_ATTRIBUTE_ALIGN (4)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DEFAULT_IDLE_RATE   500

Default idle-rate recommended in the USB HID class specification.

Definition at line 61 of file hidkbd.c .

Referenced by HIDKBD_StateChangeEvent() .

Function Documentation

const char HIDKBD_ReportDescriptor [69] SL_ATTRIBUTE_ALIGN ( 4 )

HID report descriptor created with usb.org's "HID Descriptor Tool(DT)" version 2.4. The descriptor defines an input report which matches the HIDKBD_KeyReport_t typedef, and an output report with 3 bits for controlling NumLock, CapsLock and ScrollLock keyboard LED's