Platform Drivers

Platform drivers is a set of function specific high performance drivers for EFM32, EZR32 and EFR32 on-chip peripherals. Drivers are typically DMA or interrupt based and are using all available low-energy features. For most drivers, the API offers both synchronous and asynchronous functions.

Most drivers are compile-time configurable to allow the highest possible code size optimization for the application. Compile-time configuration is defined in *_config.h files. Templates for the configuration files can be found in the config for each driver. When adding a driver using the Project Configurator in Simplicity Studio, the config files are automatically added to the project.

Plaform drivers are located in either the platform/driver or platform/emdrv folders. Drivers in platform/driver use error codes defined in sl_status.h , while emdrv drivers use error codes defined in ecode.h .