mbedtls_x509_csr Struct Reference

Certificate Signing Request (CSR) structure.

#include <x509_csr.h>

Public Member Functions

mbedtls_x509_buf MBEDTLS_PRIVATE (sig)
mbedtls_md_type_t MBEDTLS_PRIVATE (sig_md)
 Internal representation of the MD algorithm of the signature algorithm, e.g.
mbedtls_pk_type_t MBEDTLS_PRIVATE (sig_pk)
 Internal representation of the Public Key algorithm of the signature algorithm, e.g.
void * MBEDTLS_PRIVATE (sig_opts)
 Signature options to be passed to mbedtls_pk_verify_ext(), e.g.

Data Fields

mbedtls_x509_buf raw
 The raw CSR data (DER).
mbedtls_x509_buf cri
 The raw CertificateRequestInfo body (DER).
int version
 CSR version (1=v1).
mbedtls_x509_buf subject_raw
 The raw subject data (DER).
mbedtls_x509_name subject
 The parsed subject data (named information object).
mbedtls_pk_context pk
 Container for the public key context.
mbedtls_x509_buf sig_oid

Certificate Signing Request (CSR) structure.

Some fields of this structure are publicly readable. Do not modify them except via Mbed TLS library functions: the effect of modifying those fields or the data that those fields point to is unspecified.