gos_json_tok_t Struct Reference

Parse JSON token. More...

Data Fields

struct gos_json_tok * next
 Next token in linked list.
union {
   int32_t   int32
 Signed 32bit value.
   uint32_t   uint32
 Unsigned 32bit value.
   uint64_t   uint64
 Unsigned 64bit value.
   int64_t   int64
 Signed 64bit value.
   char *   str
 Null-terminated string value.
   bool   boolean
 Boolean value.
   void *   ptr
 Pointer to value.
 Union of supported data types.
gos_json_type_t type
 The data type of this JSON token.
char buffer [0]
 Optional buffer to hold token data.

Detailed Description

Parse JSON token.

This holds a parsed token from a JSON formatted string/