Cryptography Hardware Acceleration Configuration


Configuration macros for Silicon Labs CRYPTO hardware acceleration mbed TLS plugins.

The config-sl-crypto-all-acceleration.h file lists configuration macros for setup of the crypto hardware accelerator plugins for mbed TLS from Silicon Labs. You can use macros in config-sl-crypto-all-acceleration.h and mbedtls/include/mbedtls/config.h in order to configure your mbed TLS application running on Silicon Labs devices.

This configuration file should be used as a starting point only for hardware acceleration evaluation on Silicon Labs devices.


#define MBEDTLS_ECP_MAX_BITS   256

Macro Definition Documentation



Enable hardware acceleration for the AES block cipher

Module: sl_crypto/src/crypto_aes.c for devices with CRYPTO sl_crypto/src/aes_aes.c for devices with AES

See MBEDTLS_AES_C for more information.