sl_bmp3xx_config Struct Reference

BMP3xx device configuration structure.

#include <sl_bmp3xx.h>

Data Fields

struct bmp3_settings settings
 Settings structure used by the Bosch BMP3xx driver.
uint32_t desired_settings
 Desired settings to be configured.

BMP3xx device configuration structure.

Refer to Bosch driver for more details on how to set settings and desired settings.

Here is the list of available macros to be used to configure desired settings. User can do OR operation of these macros for configuring multiple settings.

*    Macros               |   Functionality
*    ---------------------|----------------------------------------------
*    BMP3_SEL_PRESS_EN    |   Enable/Disable pressure.
*    BMP3_SEL_TEMP_EN     |   Enable/Disable temperature.
*    BMP3_SEL_PRESS_OS    |   Set pressure oversampling.
*    BMP3_SEL_TEMP_OS     |   Set temperature oversampling.
*    BMP3_SEL_IIR_FILTER  |   Set IIR filter.
*    BMP3_SEL_ODR         |   Set ODR.
*    BMP3_SEL_OUTPUT_MODE |   Set either open drain or push pull
*    BMP3_SEL_LEVEL       |   Set interrupt pad to be active high or low
*    BMP3_SEL_LATCH       |   Set interrupt pad to be latched or nonlatched.
*    BMP3_SEL_DRDY_EN     |   Map/Unmap the drdy interrupt to interrupt pad.
*    BMP3_SEL_I2C_WDT_EN  |   Enable/Disable I2C internal watch dog.
*    BMP3_SEL_I2C_WDT     |   Set I2C watch dog timeout delay.

Field Documentation

◆ settings

struct bmp3_settings sl_bmp3xx_config::settings

Settings structure used by the Bosch BMP3xx driver.

◆ desired_settings

uint32_t sl_bmp3xx_config::desired_settings

Desired settings to be configured.