I/O Stream CPC


I/O Stream CPC.


The IO Stream module can be used over a co-processor communication (CPC) link. The IO Stream CPC module will make use of the CPC endpoint dedicated to CLI.

The IO Stream component can be combined with the CLI component to create a command line application on your secondary device.

On the host side, the python script cpc_iostream_bridge.py is available under the script folder (see Github repository). This script enables you to bridge the CPC host CLI endpoint over to a network socket and thus allows you to communicate with your secondary CLI application through a telnet terminal. See host documentation for more details. TODO Link to github doc


The cpc_iostream component will open the CPC CLI endpoint during its initialization process.

The stream sets itself as the default stream at the end of the initialization function. You must reconfigure the default interface if you have multiple streams in your project else the last stream initialized will be set as the system default stream.


sl_status_t sl_iostream_cpc_init (void)
 CPC Stream init.


sl_iostream_instance_info_t sl_iostream_instance_cpc_info

Function Documentation

◆ sl_iostream_cpc_init()

sl_status_t sl_iostream_cpc_init ( void  )

CPC Stream init.

Status result

Variable Documentation

◆ sl_iostream_cpc_handle

sl_iostream_t* sl_iostream_cpc_handle


◆ sl_iostream_instance_cpc_info

sl_iostream_instance_info_t sl_iostream_instance_cpc_info