ezradio_auto_ack_plugin.c File Reference

EzRadio auto acknowledge plug-in managed by the plug-in manager if enabled.


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Definition in file ezradio_auto_ack_plugin.c .

#include <stddef.h>
#include " em_device.h "
#include "ezradio_cmd.h"
#include "ezradio_prop.h"
#include " ezradio_api_lib.h "
#include "ezradio_api_lib_add.h"
#include " ezradio_plugin_manager.h "


void ezradioDisableAutoAck ( EZRADIODRV_AutoAckHandle_t *autoAckHandle)
Disables auto acknowledge sending feature.
void ezradioEnableAutoAck ( EZRADIODRV_AutoAckHandle_t *autoAckHandle)
Enables auto acknowledge sending feature.
void ezradioSkipAutoAck ( EZRADIODRV_AutoAckHandle_t *autoAckHandle)
Configures auto acknowledge sending feature so that there will be no acknowledge transmitted to the next received packet. This is usefull is both nodes of a link uses auto acknowledgement.