SMTP data types. More...

Data Structures

struct  gos_smtp_config_t
 Configuration for sending SMTP message. More...


typedef gos_result_t(* gos_smtp_content_reader_t) (void *user, void *data, uint32_t max_size, uint32_t *bytes_read)
 SMTP message content reader callback. More...

Detailed Description

SMTP data types.

Typedef Documentation

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typedef gos_result_t(* gos_smtp_content_reader_t) (void *user, void *data, uint32_t max_size, uint32_t *bytes_read)

SMTP message content reader callback.

This is used to read SMTP message content data which is then sent to the server. It allows for reading the data in chunks. It also allows for sending arbitrary length data.

If arbitrary length data is used (by setting the 'content_length' field of gos_smtp_config_t to 0) then when all data has been read, set the 'bytes_read' argument to 0

If NOt sending arbitrary length data (by setting the 'content_length' field of gos_smtp_config_t greater than 0) then when all data has been read this callback will stop being called.

This callback is only called when the 'content' field of gos_smtp_config_t is NULL.
[out]userUser specified pointer. Same pointer as 'user' field in gos_smtp_config_t
[out]dataBuffer to populate with STMP message content
[in]max_sizeMaximum size of data to populate
[out]bytes_readNumber of bytes actually read
The gos_result_t of the data read