gos_http_response_t Struct Reference

HTTP response struct used by gos_http_receive_response() More...

Data Fields

int version
int code
 HTTP response code.
int content_length
 'Basic' HTTP response headers, see gos_http_basic_header_t
uint8_t * buffer
 Allocated HTTP response headers buffer (system use only)

Detailed Description

Field Documentation

◆ content_length

int gos_http_response_t::content_length

◆ header_list

gos_http_response_header_t* gos_http_response_t::header_list

Linked list of additional response headers

Must set GOS_HTTP_RESPONSE_ALL_HEADERS flag to return additional headers

◆ version

int gos_http_response_t::version

The version of the HTTP response,

  • 0 = HTTP/1.0
  • 1 = HTTP/1.1