Decode Stream

Base64 stream decoding. More...


typedef gos_result_t(* gos_base64_reader_t) (void *user, void *data, uint32_t length, uint32_t *bytes_read)
 Base64 decode reader callback. More...
typedef void * gos_base64_decode_stream_t
 Base64 decoder context. More...


gos_result_t gos_base64_stream_decode_init (gos_base64_decode_stream_t **stream_ptr, void *user, uint32_t processing_buffer_size)
 Initialize gos_base64_decode_stream_t. More...
gos_result_t gos_base64_stream_decode (gos_base64_decode_stream_t *stream, void *data, uint32_t data_len, gos_base64_reader_t reader)
 Base64 decode string into binary data with reader callback. More...
gos_result_t gos_base64_stream_decode_reset (gos_base64_decode_stream_t *stream)
 Reset gos_base64_decode_stream_t. More...

Detailed Description

Base64 stream decoding.

Typedef Documentation

◆ gos_base64_decode_stream_t

Base64 decoder context.

See gos_base64_stream_decode()

◆ gos_base64_reader_t

typedef gos_result_t(* gos_base64_reader_t) (void *user, void *data, uint32_t length, uint32_t *bytes_read)

Base64 decode reader callback.

This is a callback which reads base64 encoded data. See gos_base64_stream_decode()

[in]userUser specified argument, supplied in 'user' argument of gos_base64_stream_decode_init()
[out]dataBuffer to hold base64 encoded data
[in]lengthLength of data buffer
[out]bytes_readPointer to hold number of bytes read
return of reader callback, gos_result_t

Function Documentation

◆ gos_base64_stream_decode()

gos_result_t gos_base64_stream_decode ( gos_base64_decode_stream_t stream,
void *  data,
uint32_t  data_len,
gos_base64_reader_t  reader 

Base64 decode string into binary data with reader callback.

Chunks of base64 encoded data are read using the supplied reader callback and decoded into the supplied buffer. This API is useful as it ensures each chunk of arbitrary length data is properly decoded without requiring base64 padding of the chunks.

This API requires that the length of the non-base64 encoded data is known a priori. While this API may be called as many times as needed. The total sum of the supplied 'data_len' arguments must equal length of the non-base64 encoded binary data in bytes.
[in]streamDecoding context pre-initialized with gos_base64_stream_decode_init()
[in]dataBuffer to hold decoded binary data
[in]data_lenLength of supplied data buffer
[in]readerReader callback to read base64 encoded data, see gos_base64_reader_t

◆ gos_base64_stream_decode_init()

gos_result_t gos_base64_stream_decode_init ( gos_base64_decode_stream_t **  stream_ptr,
void *  user,
uint32_t  processing_buffer_size 

Initialize gos_base64_decode_stream_t.

This must be called before gos_base64_stream_decode()

Use gos_base64_stream_destroy() to cleanup the context.

[out]stream_ptrPointer to hold allocated gos_base64_decode_stream_t
[in]userUser specified argument passed to gos_base64_reader_t
[in]processing_buffer_sizesize of decode processing buffer. A larger buffer typically means faster decoding. Typical value is 1024.

◆ gos_base64_stream_decode_reset()

gos_result_t gos_base64_stream_decode_reset ( gos_base64_decode_stream_t stream)

Reset gos_base64_decode_stream_t.

This resets a gos_base64_decode_stream_t to its initial state. This allows for re-using the context after performing a decoding.

[in]streamgos_base64_decode_stream_t to reset to initial state