gos_file_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct gos_file * next
 Next file in linked list (internal use only)
gos_file_type_t type
 The file's type, see gos_file_type_t.
gos_file_owner_t owner
 The file's owner, see gos_file_owner_t.
gos_file_location_t location
 The file's location, see gos_file_location_t.
gos_file_flag_t flags
 The file's flags, see gos_file_flag_t.
gos_file_permission_t permissions
 The file's permissions, see gos_file_permission_t.
gos_file_handle_t handle
 The file's handle on the file system.
uint32_t size
 The size of the file in bytes.
uint32_t size_on_flash
 The total number of bytes used by the file including overhead.
uint32_t version
 The version of the file as a uint32.
uint32_t checksum
 The file checksum,. More...
uint32_t created_timestamp
 The file's creation timestamp.
char name [95+1]
 The file's name.

Detailed Description

File details

This contains details about a file that should be created or a file that already exists.

See GOS_FILE_DEFAULT_USER_FILE_INFO for populate default values.

cloud/dps_demo/main.c, file/file_encrypt/decrypt.c, file/file_encrypt/encrypt.c, file/file_list/main.c, file/log_file/main.c, file/log_file_encrypted/main.c, and utility/json_parser/parse_all_examples.c.

Field Documentation

◆ checksum

uint32_t gos_file_t::checksum

The file checksum,.

must set GOS_FILE_FLAG_CHECKSUM_VALID when creating a file