gos_scan_result_t Struct Reference

Contains information about a scan result. More...

Data Fields

gos_ssid_t SSID
 Service Set Identification (i.e. Name of Access Point)
gos_mac_t BSSID
 Basic Service Set Identification (i.e. MAC address of Access Point)
int16_t signal_strength
 Receive Signal Strength Indication in dBm. <-90=Very poor, >-30=Excellent, 200=Off channel scan.
uint32_t max_data_rate
 Maximum data rate in kilobits/s.
uint8_t bss_type
 Network type, gos_bss_type_t.
uint32_t security
 Security type, gos_security_t.
uint8_t channel
 Radio channel that the AP beacon was received on.
uint8_t band
 Radio band, gos_802_11_band_t.
uint8_t on_channel
 True if scan result was recorded on the channel advertised in the packet.
struct gos_scan_result * next
 Pointer to the next scan result.

Detailed Description

Contains information about a scan result.