gos_atca_config_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint32_t wake_delay_us
 Amount of time in microseconds to wait for chip to wakeup.
gos_i2c_t port
 I2C port.
gos_i2c_speed_t clock_rate
 I2C clock rate, see gos_i2c_speed_t.
uint8_t slave_address
 ATCA chip I2C slave address, leave 0 to use default.
const atcacert_def_t * cert_def
 Device certificate definition struct. More...
uint16_t key_slot
 Device certificate private key slot.
uint16_t ca_public_key_slot
 Signer certificate CA public key slot.
const uint16_t * slots
 Array of slots to use for TLS key exchanges.
uint8_t slot_count
 Number of slots in array.

Detailed Description

Component configuration

This is used by gos_atca_init() to configure the ATCA component


Field Documentation

◆ cert_def

const atcacert_def_t* gos_atca_config_t::cert_def

Device certificate definition struct.

Signer certificate definition struct.