void emberRadioNeedsCalibratingHandler (void)
The radio calibration callback function.

Detailed Description

These callbacks were contributed by the stack-info API.

Function Documentation

void emberRadioNeedsCalibratingHandler ( void )

This function enables boost power mode and/or the alternate transmit path.

The Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) can drift with temperature changes. During every call to emberTick() , the stack will check to see if the VCO has drifted. If the VCO has drifted, the stack will call emberRadioNeedsCalibratingHandler() to inform the application that it should perform calibration of the current channel as soon as possible. Calibration can take up to 150ms. The default callback function implementation provided here performs calibration immediately. If the application wishes, it can define its own callback by defining ::EMBER_APPLICATION_HAS_CUSTOM_RADIO_CALIBRATION_CALLBACK in its CONFIGURATION_HEADER. It can then failsafe any critical processes or peripherals before calling emberCalibrateCurrentChannel() . The application must call emberCalibrateCurrentChannel() in response to this callback to maintain expected radio performance.

References emberCalibrateCurrentChannel() .