EmberNetworkParameters Struct Reference

An application structure to hold useful network parameters.

#include < network-management.h >

Data Fields

uint8_t networkId [ EMBER_NETWORK_ID_SIZE ]
This will only be NUL terminated if the length of the network id is less than EMBER_NETWORK_ID_SIZE.
EmberIpv6Prefix ulaPrefix
uint8_t extendedPanId [ EXTENDED_PAN_ID_SIZE ]
uint16_t panId
uint8_t channel
EmberNodeType nodeType
int8_t radioTxPower
EmberKeyData masterKey
uint8_t joinKey [ EMBER_JOIN_KEY_MAX_SIZE ]
This will only be NUL terminated if the length of the key is less than EMBER_JOIN_KEY_MAX_SIZE.
uint8_t joinKeyLength

Field Documentation

uint8_t EmberNetworkParameters::channel
uint8_t EmberNetworkParameters::extendedPanId[ EXTENDED_PAN_ID_SIZE ]
uint8_t EmberNetworkParameters::joinKey[ EMBER_JOIN_KEY_MAX_SIZE ]
uint8_t EmberNetworkParameters::joinKeyLength
EmberKeyData EmberNetworkParameters::masterKey
uint8_t EmberNetworkParameters::networkId[ EMBER_NETWORK_ID_SIZE ]
EmberNodeType EmberNetworkParameters::nodeType
uint16_t EmberNetworkParameters::panId
int8_t EmberNetworkParameters::radioTxPower
EmberIpv6Prefix EmberNetworkParameters::ulaPrefix

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