Optional information when sending a message.

#include <coap.h>

Data Fields

bool nonConfirmed: 1
bool multicastLoopback: 1
EmberIpv6Address localAddress
uint16_t localPort
uint16_t remotePort
const EmberCoapOptionoptions
uint8_t numberOfOptions
uint32_t responseTimeoutMs
const uint8_t * responseAppData
uint16_t responseAppDataLength
EmberCoapTransmitHandler transmitHandler
void * transmitHandlerData

For all fields a value of 0 or NULL means that the default will be used.

Multicast are always sent as unconfirmed.

Field Documentation

EmberIpv6Address EmberCoapSendInfo::localAddress

Default is to let the IP stack choose

uint16_t EmberCoapSendInfo::localPort

Defaults to the CoAP port (5683)

bool EmberCoapSendInfo::multicastLoopback

Defaults to not looping back

bool EmberCoapSendInfo::nonConfirmed

Defaults to confirmed

uint8_t EmberCoapSendInfo::numberOfOptions

Defaults to zero

const EmberCoapOption* EmberCoapSendInfo::options

Defaults to NULL

uint16_t EmberCoapSendInfo::remotePort

Defaults to the CoAP port (5683)

const uint8_t* EmberCoapSendInfo::responseAppData

Defaults to NULL

uint16_t EmberCoapSendInfo::responseAppDataLength

Defaults to zero

uint32_t EmberCoapSendInfo::responseTimeoutMs


EmberCoapTransmitHandler EmberCoapSendInfo::transmitHandler

Defaults to using UDP

void* EmberCoapSendInfo::transmitHandlerData

Defaults to NULL

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