Here is a list of all modules:

Thread Stack API Reference 
Forming and JoiningForming and Joining Utilities
IPv6IPv6 Addressing Utilities
CommissioningCommissioning Utilities
Network UtilitiesNetwork Utilities
Device TypesDevice Types
UtilitiesGeneral Utilities
MessagingSending unicasts and multicasts
Command InterpreterThe command interpreter
Debugging UtilitiesDebugging Utilities
MFGLIBManufacturing Library
Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) API Reference 
Common Microcontroller Functions
Token Access
Sample APIs for Peripheral Access
USB Device Stack Library
System Timer ControlSystem Timer Control Functions that provide access to the system clock
Symbol Timer Control
HAL Configuration
HAL Utilities
Bootloader Interfaces
Custom Bootloader HAL
Application Framework API Reference 
ZCL over IP