USB Endpoint Descriptor.

#include < em_usb.h >

Data Fields

uint8_t bLength
uint8_t bDescriptorType
uint8_t bEndpointAddress
uint8_t bmAttributes
uint16_t wMaxPacketSize
uint8_t bInterval

Field Documentation

uint8_t USB_EndpointDescriptor_TypeDef::bDescriptorType

Constant ENDPOINT Descriptor Type

uint8_t USB_EndpointDescriptor_TypeDef::bEndpointAddress

The address of the endpoint

Referenced by USBD_Init() .

uint8_t USB_EndpointDescriptor_TypeDef::bInterval

Interval for polling EP for data transfers

uint8_t USB_EndpointDescriptor_TypeDef::bLength

Size of this descriptor in bytes

uint8_t USB_EndpointDescriptor_TypeDef::bmAttributes

This field describes the endpoint attributes

Referenced by USBD_Init() .

uint16_t USB_EndpointDescriptor_TypeDef::wMaxPacketSize

Maximum packet size for the endpoint

Referenced by USBD_Init() .

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