EmberStatus emberZclStartEzMode (void)
void emberZclStopEzMode (void)
bool emberZclEzModeIsActive (void)

Detailed Description

See zcl-core.h for source code.

Function Documentation

bool emberZclEzModeIsActive ( void )

This function checks whether EZ-Mode is currently active.

true if EZ-Mode is active, false otherwise.
EmberStatus emberZclStartEzMode ( void )

This function puts a device in EZ-Mode for a fixed-duration.


Each time EZ-Mode is invoked, the device extends the window by the same fixed duration. During the window, devices perform EZ-Mode finding and binding with other devices also in EZ-Mode. Multicast messages advertise capabilities of the device to other nodes in the network. Unicast messages communicate binding targets to specific devices. While the timer is active and not expired, including when the window is extended due to subsequent invocations, the device listens on the EZ-Mode multicast address and processes EZ-Mode requests.

void emberZclStopEzMode ( void )

This function stops EZ-Mode.

The device ignores all EZ-Mode requests and stops listening on the EZ-Mode multicast address.