Ipv6Header Struct Reference

A structure that holds an IPv6 header. All values are in their local byte order (as opposed to network byte order, which might be different).

#include <ember-types.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t ipPayloadLength
uint32_t flowLabel
uint8_t trafficClass
uint8_t nextHeader
uint8_t hopLimit
uint8_t source [16]
uint8_t destination [16]
uint8_t * ipPayload
uint8_t transportProtocol
uint8_t * transportHeader
uint16_t transportHeaderLength
uint8_t * transportPayload
uint16_t transportPayloadLength
uint16_t sourcePort
uint16_t destinationPort
uint8_t icmpType
uint8_t icmpCode

The order has been rearranged to avoid the need for padding. The version is known to be 6 so it is not included.

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  • ember-types.h